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Pet of the Month July 2014

Jul 18, 2014 0 2799 Views

Our pet of the Month for July 2014 is Simba!

Simba, a 2 month old Grey Tabby kitten.

He was found in a backyard, abandoned, at only 3 weeks old, and now lives with his loving family.

Simba loves grabbing your face and giving you kisses on your cheek.

He is a very energetic cat, who loves tumbling and rolling around like a gymnast.

His favorite toys are an empty Amazon box, his parents’ TV stand, and anything with strings and bells.

Even though he’s a little daredevil, and it sometimes means late night visits to Craig road Animal Hospital’s Dr. Whitcraft,  he is a little angel who gives a lot of love.

Simba is our Pet of the month for July 2014!

If you would like to submit your pet for Pet of the Month please use the form here (don’t forget a picture!) or email us at .

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