Microchipping is a quick, simple procedure in which a microchip is injected underneath your pet’s skin. The microchip is the size of a grain of rice and is inserted in the shoulder blade area. The microchip is encoded with an alphanumeric identification that is unique to your pet. Micro chipping can be done at any age, but is commonly performed during spay or neuter surgical visit.
Benefits of getting your pet micro chipped:

  • Often required for identification of pets during travel.
  • Permanent, unlike collars they cannot be removed if your pet is lost, stolen or accidentally escapes.
  • Lasts the life time of your pet.
  • Most effective way to ensure your pet is returned to you.

Microchip fee is $45.00 which includes the registration to the HomeAgain National Recovery Database. To learn more visit www.homeagain.com

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