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Welcome Our New Weekend & Evening Groomer

Please join us in welcoming a new member of the Craig Road team: our new groomer Rebecca!

rebecca, groomer

Rebecca Stuessy

Her addition to Craig Road means that we will now be offering grooming during the evenings and on weekends.

Rebecca has multiple years of experience grooming dogs & cats of all sizes and understands how to discern the specific grooming needs of each pet.

We are currently accepting appointments for Rebecca for this week and over the weekend. Rebecca will be working alongside Becky who has been grooming at Craig Road since 1996. This now means that we will have significantly more availability for grooming. It also allows us to offer grooming during the day, seven days a week, and on select evenings.

Please note that Rabies, Distemper, Parvo, and Bordetella vaccines as well as intestinal parasite testing are required to be up to date for all pets brought in for grooming.

Welcome Rebecca!

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Aug 15, 2016 0 1305 Views

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Touring a Las Vegas Veterinary Hospital

Craig Road Animal Hospital in North West Las Vegas, offers tours of  their facility to interested individuals, groups, and educational establishments. Hospital Administrator Mike Falconer discusses these tours and what visitors can expect to see. 

Mike Falconer, Hospital Administrator

By Mike Falconer

Craig Road Animal Hospital is one of the largest and busiest animal hospitals in the Las Vegas Valley. Open seven days and week and seeing up to 150 pets a day, Craig Road Animal Hospital is staffed by 11 doctors and a total staff of 65.

Craig Road Animal Hospital offers tour to individuals, groups and educational establishments who have an interest in seeing the daily operation of a large professional veterinary hospital  as well as the behind the scenes of animal care. The hospital has been designed to facilitate tours while providing a safe and educational experience for young and old alike.

Tours at Craig Road Animal Hospital are a mixture of information and the day-to-day operations of an animal hospital.

As well as seeing the facilities, services and equipment that a modern animal hospital provides, a tour of Craig Road Animal Hospital will also explain the why of many of the procedures of veterinary medicine. Each tour is unique and is tailored to the interests and age level of those in the tour. Visitors will have the chance to ask questions and talk with the staff – including doctors. We can also incorporate class project materials and focus on particular subjects, and arrange for additional materials depending on the needs of any particular group or tour.

Dr. Mychajlonka performing a Lap Spay.

In addition to lots of dogs and cats, Craig Road Animal Hospital features the high technology side of veterinary medicine with endoscopic and laparoscopic surgery, ultrasound, digital radiography, digital dental radiography, Laser Therapy and in house laboratory.

Each tour at Craig Road Animal Hospital is unique and can be tailored for the needs of the group.

There are no charges for tours and dates and times are flexible.

If you are interested in a tour of Craig Road Animal Hospital as an individual please just ask any of our staff. If you are interested in a tour for a group, school, or any other organization please contact Hospital Administrator Mike Falconer  discuss your needs and scheduling.

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Feb 6, 2014 0 5766 Views

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Renovations at Craig Road – Boarding, grooming, and more.

Craig Road Animal Hospital in North West Las Vegas, recently completed a number of renovations to improve services and patient care – particularly in the areas of boarding and grooming. Hospital Administrator Mike Falconer goes over these and what they mean for Craig Road Animal Hospital.

Mike Falconer, Hospital Administrator

By Mike Falconer

We are all very proud of what we do, and how we do it, here at Craig Road Animal Hospital. There are times, however, when we realize that there are things we could be doing better. Ultimately, that is what leads to new services and building projects like the one we have recently completed.

Ever since I started at Craig Road Animal Hospital we have brain storming about what we could use the large open area that was the hospital’s lobby before our expansion in 2008, an area we generically call the Sun Room.  We have kept a small amount of boarding pets in there but in general it has been used as a multipurpose space. We have used it for unpacking large shipments of supplies, our annual Santa photographs, receiving tours, staff education – you name it. However, we have always felt that we could do more with the space.


Becky has been grooming at Craig Road Animal Hospital since it opened and the space that she works in has not really changed in all that time. We need to improve her area and with the addition of Lynee as a groomer who also works with large dogs it became even more obvious that we needed to upgrade our grooming facilities.

We have cordoned off a space in the Sun Room specifically for grooming, complete with two new tubs, one of small dogs, and another for the very largest dogs.

Our two new grooming tubs in our new grooming area.

The space also has a lot more natural light, better drying facilities, and a larger work area. It is also enclosed with glass and waterproof cladding stopping the spread of pet hair to the rest of the hospital.

Our new grooming area.

Cat Suites

By moving our grooming area into the sun room we were able to free up an entire room where grooming used to be. We have dedicated this new room in improving the quality of our cat boarding by adding 12 cat suites.

Our new Cat Suites can be linked together to provide a large controlled area for cats to explore but still keep them safe.

Each suite, or condo, feature two smaller rooms suitable for sleeping, or just hiding out, and a larger main room with a perch. Each suite can be connected to up to three others allowing owners of multiple cats (or owners who just want a lot of space for their cat) to book a large, enclosed environment that they can explore while still being safe and contained.

A single cat condo consisted of two small rooms and a larger room with a perch.

The cat suite room is a cat only space, and is very quiet to make things as comfortable as possible for our feline friends.

Dog Suites

Craig Road Animal Hospital has had large 6’ x 7’ dog suites for many years. We have now tiled each suite to make a warmer and more pet friendly space for the large dog, or multi-dog, households that make use of the suites.  Not only does this look a lot nicer of an environment for our bigger boarders – it makes it easier for our kennel staff to keep clean.

One of our Dog Suites, for large dogs, or for multi-dog house holds.

Sound Proofing

Our exam rooms are directly next to the Sun Room and this has meant that the occasional noise from this boarding area can be overheard and often at the most inconvenient times.

The wall between “the sun room” and our exam rooms ready for our new sound proofing to be installed. Note the additional double door frame.

We have added a significant amount of additional sound proofing between the sun room and exam rooms to combat this problem and I am pleased to report that it has been a great success. This is particularly great news as it allows us to look at adding some additional boarding into the sun room in the New Year.

All of these renovations, rather than adding new services, are about improving the environment and the quality of what we already do. As always, you are welcome to have a tour of our entire facility (or just see our recent renovations), please just ask any member of staff and they will arrange it for you and we also welcome tours by groups. Please feel free contact me directly to schedule a group tour.

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How Well Are We Doing September 2013?

For almost a year now, Craig Road Animal Hospital has been sending out surveys to every client who brings a pet to Craig Road and who has given us an email address . Hospital Administrator, Mike Falconer, talks about why, and introduces some results for September 2013.

Mike Falconer, Hospital Administrator

by Mike Falconer

August and September are always a strange months for us and for a lot of other veterinary hospitals. It tends to be quieter for routine things and it seems that we are very busy one moment and then very quiet the next. However, this year we have a couple of promotions going on: our low cost spay and neuter special and enhancements to an ongoing effort to improve pet dental care year round. We have also had the launch of our “Pets In Transit” service which offers house calls, deliveries, drop offs and pick up of pets. All of these things going on have meant that although certain days have been a little slower around Craig Road Animal Hospital, others have been extremely busy. This always presents us with a challenge, in terms of staffing and in terms of work flow.

Our customer satisfaction numbers for September look great however! I’m really proud of the improvements that we have made this month – so a big thank you is due to the staff. We still have areas to work on, wait times in particular are a focus area at the moment, but things are in general going in the right direction. in the key category of “how likely are you to refer a friend to our animal hospital?” the extremely likely numbers went up by almost 8%. Like wise, the number of people who rated us “excellent value for money” went us by 3.2%. The “less than expected wait time” numbers unfortunately went down by 4.7%, however our “unacceptable wait time”  halved to 0.9%.

Finally, a big thank you to everyone who completes our surveys and gives us feedback – even the negative ones. It is extremely helpful to us to get this feedback and I hope that existing and new clients find it reassuring. As always, below the graphs, we have some of our favorite comments from this month. We even managed to have some nice comments on Yelp and Google places that did not get “auto filtered” – a big thank you to those reviewers as well.  You can find us on Yelp here, or Google here.

If you ever have any comments, concerns, or complaints please feel free to reach out to me, either by phone, email, or the next time you are in the hospital.

Christine H.

I have been bringing my pups to Craig Road Animal Hospital since 2006. No matter what doctor I would see I always felt my pups were in good hands. From the moment we enter the door to the time we leave, I’ve always felt well taken care of.

Sharyn M.

Excellent visit….since Gracie is tough to take to the vet due to her temperament, it creates lots of stress on my part. The doctor, Dr Beyers, did a lot to make our visit comfortable. He was down to earth, calming, and very good at making me understand Gracie’s situation, which is that she is a nervous nelly, more than myself, and prone to idiopathic urinary issues. Thank you so much.

Julie M.

I was so impressed with the staff, everyone from the Vet to the ladies behind the counter were very nice and made me feel more comfortable during a bad situation. I will definitely be back and will be bringing all my pets to your office. The office and rooms were spotless..very impressive in all areas..Thank you for taking care of my pug!

Veronica S.

I love this place and I will keep taking my babies to this place. The entire staff is awesome =]

Becky J.

I have brought my pets to CRAH since shortly after they opened. I am always pleased with the care and recommend it to friends in the area.

Barbara W.

Nahima has always had excellent care from Dr. Mych and staff. Everyone is very caring and it shows. Nahima never seems to mind going to visit Dr. Mych and will even get on the scale without a hassle. Thank you for the excellent care and kindness that you extend to your furry friends and their families.

Ron S.

Dr. Hagstette has been our vet for several years and several pets. She has always listened and been understanding of our concerns. She has also been very straightforward with her explanations and diagnoses. We are very happy with her. The front desk and nursing staff have also been very personable and professional.

Pamela D.

I have recently moved from Henderson and I thought you were terrific!! I have three dogs, three cats, and four parrots, so I’ll definitely be seeing you again! Brewster thanks you — he’s feeling great!

Sara E.

Dr. Whitcraft was professional and personable. She was caring and tender with our little puppy. Her assistant Lindsey was very thorough in explaining the care our puppy needs. I was pleased with the visit and feel comfortable in giving the care of our puppy to Dr. Whitcraft and the staff at Craig Road Animal Hospital. Thank you.

Gail S.

The Doctor and staff made sure to answer my questions that I had about Bennie. Everyone is very nice and I appreciate the later hours. Bennie doesn’t like other dogs and it makes it so much easier for me to bring him in the evening when it is not so crowded.

Mikhal Z.

The facility itself is beautiful. Very clean, and the staff is very friendly. I think I’m switching from my current vet. And your hours are unbelievable.

Jessica C.

I really appreciate everything you’ve done for my animals and taking care of their health. I also appreciate the reasonable prices that the animal hospital offers. I am very impressed. Thank you ,so very much. –Jessica

Shirley M.

We’ve put a lot of stock in the staff at your clinic since we’ve been on this side of town… and so far, have never met a stranger, have felt very comfortable with anyone we see. As your staff usually says we can drop by almost any time, I do still call to see if I can “drop by” in an hour or so, and the answer has always been “yes”. So, “any wait time” is acceptable. I think we’ve seen almost all of your vets (whether there now, or in the past) and we’ve not had any issues at all. Thank you for the care that you give to our “kids”.

Chris N.

Our overall experience was delightful. My kitty (Mandy) is always scarred to go to the vet and she can be a handful. The staff & Dr. made the experience more relaxing than expected. I would definitely recommend your facility to a friend or family member with a family pet. Thank you!

Marilee B.

I want to thank all the staff for the caring and concern you ALL showed my dog Lee Lee when I brought her in on an emergency. I had never been to see you and just looked in tbe phone book and prayed you guys were good. Everyone there went above and beyond to make sure my dog was cared for and that we were comfortable. Dr and her assistant kept us fully informed. I was even offered a drink….WOW….. You didn’t try to make me do a lot of tests that would run a bill up like I have had happen to me in the past by my own vet in California. I have told many ppl about you and the excellent care you all give. Thank you very much, Mari B. Weisser and LeeLee P.S. LeeLee Loved her birthday card

Donna L.

I am very grateful I have found Dr. Stone as my Vet. She is remarkable. She had caught a misdiagnois on one of my dogs that had gone on for 4 years and caught it in the first visit. Dr. Stone is wonderful in explaining things and spends the time needed. This particular visit I saw Dr. Daniels who was also extremely helpful with my pet. Also was glad to spend the time needed to explain things to me. I have had nothing but great experiences at Craig Animal Hospital. Donna lance

Tim J.

Very good service by all who helped us. The Vet took time to explain everything to me and looked over the x-rays with me as well. She showed a true concern for both me dogs. The Vet’s assistant was very helpful and caring with them both. Took the time to ensure my dogs felt safe with her and the staff. Also , thanks to Stephens(1st name?) for all her help with getting me and the dogs in and out and with all the paperwork for the bill. Thanks again for all the help!

Corey W.

My husband and I were very pleased with your hospital. Not only was it a quick visit, but every one on staff was wonderful and most importantly treated my puppy like it was there own. We have already recommended you to others and we Will be back for all our pet needs. The best thing that happened was my dog was comfortable and not scared at all.we were extremely surprised he didn’t cry or even flinch during his shots. He didn’t even notice.thank you so much for answering all our questions for we are new parents, this is our first dog and I and extremely over protective of my baby . Thanks for everything we will be back in a month.

Bill & Susan Z.

All the staff at the Craig Rd. Animal Hospital are great. For the most part we always see Dr. Hagstette who is always great. Our two dogs just love Juliet. But I have to say everyone has treated us great. We thank all of you for taking good care of our two little boys Mr. Bo Jangles and Sir Sammy. Luv Ya All Bill & Susan

Ashlee B.

Dr. Finder was amazing! She was fantastic with our dog and very knowledgeable! She answered all the questions we had and made us feel very comfortable. When we come back in the future, we will definitely be requesting to see her.

Ashley E.

I will continue to come here the hospital director Mike and Dr Daniels we’re both great, they met all my needs and made sure all my needs were met. I have already recommended Craig rd animal hospital to all my friends.

Lynn L.

The staff & doctor’s are the very best you could possibly find. They truly treat you & your pet as their only concern. I feel blessed to have such a knowledgeable & caring staff taking care of my two pets.

Diane C.

Tweeter and I just love Craig Animal Hosp, and especially Dr. Hagstette who has been treating Tweeter since he’s been a puppy! Overall we have been pleased with everyone for their hard work. Thank you all!!

Bill Z.

I try to keep my pets with one vet so they are familiar with them. I have had 3 excellent Dr.s caring for them over the last 10 yrs. Not only are they skilled and knowledgeable, but compassionate, kind and concerned. Each one cared and cares for my pet as if it were their own.

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Oct 17, 2013 0 3545 Views

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Expanded Grooming Hours and Services

Craig Road Animal Hospital is proud to announce the expansion of our grooming hours and services with the addition of groomer Lynee Johnson to our team.

Lynee Johnson

Lynee hails from Michigan, has been grooming for 18 years, and she is a former Grooming Academy trainer.

Lynee will groom dogs of all sizes and cats and she will be grooming in the evenings during the week and during the day on the weekends. This means that Craig Road Animal Hospital now offers grooming services seven days a week.

We are currently accepting appointments for Lynee for the week beginning 10/21/13. Lynee will be working alongside Becky King who has been grooming at Craig Road since 1996.

All of the doctors and staff at Craig Road would like to welcome Lynee to our team.

If you would like to make an appointment with either of our groomers please just give us a call on (702) 645-0331. Please note that core vaccines and intestinal parasite testing is required to be up to date for all grooming patients .

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Oct 16, 2013 0 8602 Views

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Pets in Transit

Craig Road Animal Hospital is proud to announce a new pet transportation service. Our team will provide non-emergency transport for pets throughout Southern Nevada. Pets in Transit was created with both pets and pet owners in mind to provide convenient, compassionate care at home, and for the transport for pets, pet supplies, and medications.

Because pets are our primary concern, Craig Road Animal Hospital provides an affordable, reliable caring solution for pet transport needs. Whether it’s for a regular check-up at Craig Road or a medical transfer from Craig Road to a specialty hospital, Craig Road’s Pets in Transit service can take the stress out of transporting pets for owners.

“We are very excited to be able to offer these services,” said Dr. Mychajlonka of Craig Road Animal Hospital. “We have built Craig Road around customer service, medical excellence, and giving our clients and patients what they want. Pets in transit is a natural extension of this and allows us to offer our patients an exciting level of care.”

Transport services start at $10.00 and are available during daylight hours subject to availability.

Craig Road Animal Hospital is an 11,000 square foot veterinary hospital in Northwest Las Vegas providing a wide range of veterinary services including preventative care, surgery, dental care including root canals, ultrasound, Laparoscopic surgery, Endoscopy, breeding consultations, grooming, boarding and indoor pet exercise.

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Oct 3, 2013 2 6737 Views

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How Are We Doing July & August 2013?

For almost a year now, Craig Road Animal Hospital has been sending out surveys to every client who brings a pet to Craig Road and who has given us an email address . Hospital Administrator, Mike Falconer, talks about why, and introduces some results for July and August 2013.

Mike Falconer, Hospital Administrator


By Mike Falconer

Apologies for the delay is posting July’s survey results but as a bonus, we have also added August!

Looking at the two months together we can see that we have built in August on the trends set in July. A couple of our top level metrics dropped a little, however we were able to make improvements in areas when we were having problems. For example, we were able to raise the top “Extremely” rating in answer to “How likely would you be to refer a friend?” by 3% in July and an additional 1% in August. We were also able to reverse a trend with “value for money” being “poor, that had bumped up 0.3% in July and we were happy to see it drop 1.1% in August.

We share these comments throughout the hospital, and use them extensively for staff feedback and training. We try to respond to any concerns as soon as we receive them – we want and need your feedback and we continue to appreciate you filling out our surveys and for reviewing us online. As always, a big thank you to everyone who gave us feedback – even the negative ones – they really do help us, and make sure that we are on the right track.

We have added a few of our favorite client comments from July and August below.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me or leave us a message in the comments below!

We are a little jaded by online review sites, however, that does not mean that we don’t like getting reviews. You can find us on Yelp here, or Google here.



Clareesa M.

Thank you for taking such great care of me and my dog… You are always extremely informative!!

Rizalino B.

Thank you very much for taking care of Precious. I will surely recommend to my friends your animal hospital. My wife and I will have no worries on Precious whenever we go on vacation again.

Jason J.

I have been a frequent customer at Craig road for 3 years and the staff all remembers myself and both of my dogs. I couldn’t ask for anything better when it comes to my dogs.

Andrea S.

I am so glad that I was referred to Craig Road Animal Hospital by the other military personnel I work with because they really care about my dog. They found a medical issue never identified in the 6 years I’ve owned her and the hours are the best. I can get appointments that fit my schedule. They are also really military friendly.

Karissa S.

I loved Dr. Tampira immediately. She seems extremely knowledgeable and caring of animals.

Harriett F.

Love Dr. Stone. Also really like the TV (?) set up you have. It is very informative. Have been going to Craig Road for years and have no intention of going anywhere else. Did I mention, I love Dr. Stone!!

Ramona D.

This facility is amazing, the doctors and staff are wonderful. thank you for the amazing services you provide to the loves of my life.

Sally C.

I have been bringing my doxie’s (7 of them) to Craig Road for a great number of years. Would not go anywhere else

Bruce S.

I am always pleased with the care that we receive and was very happy with the entire staff. I believe that Dr. Byers is a great addition the staff.

Terri D.

I am so very pleased with the staff and service, the Doctors and technicians. My dogs like Dr Whitcraft so much, they do not stress out like they used to in the Vet’s office. I am just very pleased to have found you for my kids.

Jose C.

My husband and I came in a few nights ago after discovering some open and infected sores on our dog, Woody. We came in 15 minutes before closing time at about 9:45 expecting terrible customer service (since that is usually what happens when you go into an establishment right before closing). To our surprise, all of the employees were friendly and accommodating. Our vet, Dr. Fillerup, was very knowledgeable and spent amble time with my husband and I, answering all of our questions. To top off our great experience- the whole visit was only $68!!!! Wow!! We were expecting to pay a whole lot more. Needless to say, our experience was amazing. We will definitely be referring our friends and family to your establishment. We have found a vet for our dog, Woody. Thanks Craig Road Animal Hospital :)

Romeo R.

Nice to have an animal hospital nearby which is open until late in the evening. Melissa also has been very friendly and very helpful.

Sophie R.

The doctors and staff at Craig Road are incredible! I expect great care for my dogs and my expectations have been met each and every time they have been seen and cared for at Craig Road. They have more than earned my trust and admiration.

Juliana S.

Felt very at ease with doctors and staff made me feel comfortable with leaving my animal

there. They all showed him abundant attention every time the brought him in to me and told me how much they liked my dog. They were caring, kind and very attentive. Thinking about bringing my other dogs to them as well

Chalene M.

I decided to use Craig Road for boarding because Sherri from Vegas Shepherd Rescue is there with the dogs daily. The staff are kind and courteous. They took lots of information about Guinness. Guinness will be boarding again this month I wish I would have known that there is a suite option but perhaps I should have told them he was a big dog.. This time he will have the big suite. . I feel very confident entrusting Guinness to the friendly staff at Craig Road.

Deanna D.

Everyone was very friendly and professional. The Vet even emailed me the estimates i asked for which was great. I will come again. Thank you for the Great Service. :-)

Adam L.

My GSD’s go nuts if I say “Go see Dr. Hagstette” you would think I was offering a T-Bone steak. They just love her and Juliet. when I open the car door in your parking lot, they race to the door and (in canine talk) say, let me in, let me in. A week ago, Hunter had to go to a better place and the care, sympathy, condolences bestowed on Nutmeg and I was unbelievable. So much consideration by the staff and Dr. Witchcraft who attended Hunter that night with great compassion. God bless all of you. If only you cared for humans, I would be a devoted patient.

Jamia G.

Thank you for being available 24 hours to help when there is a pet emergency!

Rose M.

I really appreciate the niceness and professionalism of your staff. I transferred all my pets to this facility. Thank you so much !!!!

Cynthia S.

We have been taking Max and Jack to Craig Road Animal Hospital for a number of years and every visit has been professional. We wish the entire a sincere “Thank You”.

Peggy M.

One important thing to me is the cleanliness of your business. It is always clean the place smells fresh. This is why I always have and always will continue to use your establishment. Thanks for a great job!

Elaine S.

Visiting from Florida, staying at RV campground at Nellis AFB, was referred by the vet clinic on base to your clinic as being able to see us without an appt & would provide quality care. The staff and doctor were professional, caring and the diagnosis and medication given immediately improved the digestive problems of our Himalayan kitty, Sara, making all of us extremely relieved & happy. We (including Sara) recommend this clinic to travelers and locals for their pet care. Thank you!

Judy D.

Thank You So Much for Making Bear feel so good and at ease, the Dr. and the Assistants was so patient with him, he is so not wanting to be there and we had to wrangle him and hair was stuck to everyone and it was so funny to think it takes three people to get a Husky to do what we needed and he was not having it that day! You All are the Sweetest Bunch!

Amy F.

Everyone is super friendly, the lobby & exam rooms are well kept & clean. I especially like being able to pay in the exam room so I don’t have to worry about controlling my dog while signing the statement.

Adriana M.

Dr. Daniels is an excellent vet and always so wonderful and sweet when we come in to see her. The office staff and vet assistants are always very professional and polite! We love Craig Road Animal Hospital!

Donna C.

Boarding staff is amazing, I am never worried to leave Sierra, Thanks.

Teresa L.,

I extremely enjoy the staff. They know my animals when we come in. My Destiny and Kuma are excited when we pull in the parking lot to see the Doctors, nurses and supporting staff.

Keep up the great work.

Derek D.

I have been bringing my pets to Craig Road Animal Hospital for 20 years and they have always been kind, courteous, and totally professional. They have a great staff, fantastic, knowledgeable vets, and wonderful care for any type of animal.

Renee D.

It was great! because they took such good care of my boy when I had to bring him in to be put down and the care you all took to make sure that he was handled with such care. it was great I didn’t even get a chance to sit down, why can’t our world take the time like you do to be compassionate to humans and their companions like you do, I’m grateful for your care and service.

Jan W.

Craig Road Animal Hospital is the best! I’ve been coming here for 15+ years will all my dogs. Dr. Mych is so knowledgeable about all the different breeds. He really knows his stuff. The staff is very friendly and polite. Always helpful and ready to answer any questions you might have. And if they can’t answer your question, they will find out who can and will get you an answer. Highly recommend Craig Road Animal Hospital.

Nancy W.

I can not express how much you have done for Dylan! Everyone is so very nice and helpful with all the problems that he had. Every time we come in it’s been Great! Thank you so much.

Kenneth E.

We have been a customer of Craig Road Animal Hospital since it opened. We have always & continue to be satisfied with the quality of care & quality of all the staff.

Christina A.

I have taken my puppy there since I got her and would not take her anywhere else. I love the service everyone is so friendly.

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Sep 19, 2013 1 2679 Views

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Meet our new Doctors!

All the doctors and staff would like to welcome Dr. Jennifer Finder and Dr. Dorna Khamsi to Craig Road Animal Hospital.

Jennifer Finder, DVM

Dr. Finder

Dr. Finder grew up in Maryland outside of Washington D.C. She attended the University of Maryland College Park where she received a bachelor’s degree in animal and avian science. Dr. Finder received her doctorate in veterinary medicine from Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine. Before graduating from vet school she worked in small animal practices, in Nevada and in Maryland as a veterinary technician. Before vet school she also worked with a wildlife rehabilitation facility.

Dr. Finder is interested in most areas of general practice and surgery. In her spare time, Dr. Finder enjoys playing sports, cooking, and traveling.

She has a very sweet tuxedo colored cat named Jane of the Jungle and has a special affinity for large breed dogs, especially German Shepherds.

Dorna Khamsi, DVM

Dr. Khamsi

Dr. Khamsi spent her childhood in Vancouver, Canada and Boston, Massachusetts. She declared her interested in veterinary medicine at a young age looking after the family chow chow: Wolfy, and by preferring television shows depicting live animals over cartoons.

Dr. Khamsi pursued a mathematics degree at Smith College in Northampton, MA while simultaneously fulfilling her prerequisites for vet school. Between her time at Smith College and vet school, Dr. Khamsi took five years off to work as a veterinary technician in Simpsonville, South Carolina and in veterinary diagnostics and research in Greeley, Colorado. She attended vet school at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO. where she discovered an interest in cancer, and cancer treatment which is a continuing area of professional interest.

In her spare time, Dr. Khamsi enjoys being outdoors; skiing, camping, hiking, running, and gardening, and is an avid practitioner of yoga. Dr.

Khamsi also enjoys cooking, and spending time with her Siberian Husky side kick: Gorgi.

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Jul 12, 2013 0 3955 Views

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How Well Are We Doing June 2013?

For almost a year now, Craig Road Animal Hospital has been sending out surveys. Hospital Administrator Mike Falconer talks about why, and introduces some results for June 2013.

Mike Falconer, Hospital Administrator

By Mike Falconer

As we promised last month, here are June’s customer service survey results. I was really quite pleased that we managed to improve in areas like “not very likely” and “not at all likely” to refer a friend to our animal hospital and the “unacceptable” wait times. We moved these three metrics from 0.7%, 0.7% and 1.4% respectively to zero! Unfortunately, at the other end of the spectrum, the “extremely likely” to refer a friend dropped by 7.2%. This month we have also included some quotes from the comments section of the survey.

We share these comments throughout the hospital, and use them extensively for staff feedback and training. We try to respond to any concerns as soon as we receive them – we want and need your feedback and we continue to appreciate you filling out our surveys and for reviewing us online.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me or leave us a message in the comments below!

Donna K.

early this month, we lost our 15 yr. old cairn terrier to a bad heart and old age. We are still trying to recover from losing her and Sissie is now coping with being alone when we have an outside commitment. She did not want to stay in the office this, so I think she sensed an earlier memory that had included her sister, Tilly, and knew she was missing her company. The Dr. Cared for her gently and lovingly and seemed to help calm her concerns. We very much appreciate the tender care she received and the affordable care we got as struggling seniors in a tough economy. We love our pets as much as any other pet lover and maybe even more, since our pets are sometimes the closest friend and companion we have. Our health depends on our pets being there for us and we realize it most when we lose one of our family members, furry or not. Thanks for your loving attention.

Lorraine S.

Always good service and care. Thank You Ruth and Lorraine

Valerie K.

Dr. Whitcraft is exceptional to work with in the care of Ruby and Diamond, very caring and knowledgeable. All of the staff are personable and helpful.

Jeri W.

Always are completely satisfied with Dr Hagstette and her summation and advice and suggested treatment. The staff at Craig is always very cheerful and positive and makes you feel very welcome. I appreciate the service we have received at Craig and will certainly continue and will recommend Craig to our friends.

Jackie R.

Great people – great care -

Alexandra A.

Having recently located to Las Vegas, it was very important for me to find a vet for our Corgi Aly. We’ve had both wonderful and awful experiences in the past. So finding a good fit was extremely important to me. The entire staff was absolutely amazing. They were helpful, courteous and knowledgeable. I felt that Aly would be well taken care of any time she needed services. So glad we found you guys!

Terry S.

I drive over 40 miles round trip to see Dr. Mych because he’s so awesome!!

Thelma S.

I really appreciate the caring and compassion I and my peta receive every time we come in.

Margery M.

I have felt very comfortable with having Tink treated for her wound. Also her birthday card was darling, thank-you so much. Tinker is our life and we hers. Margery Murooka

Betteann M.

I’ve been bringing my pets to Craig Road since 1997. first two cats, Brutus & Sissy, now deceased. second Sammy, my beloved Shih Tsu. Sammy was allergic to everything. For years he was at Craig Road for an allergy shot every other day & he got so much love, he actually liked going to the vet! When Sammy died in 2011 I got Maxie. The excellent care, concern & love continues for him. I’d never go anywhere else.

Hillary R.

I absolutely love this hospital, the best experience I’ve ever had. Great staff and doctors. Thank you

Carol P.

You cared a great deal for Mattie. We adore her and wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to her.Thank you.

Ben J.

Dr. Stone was very helpful and professional. I would recommend her service to my friends. Stone brought to my attention to a few topics that I did not even ask about. Very happy to feel she covered everything and took time for the research of Buttin’s breeder in order to pick up the ball and tend to Buttin’s needs.

Calvin L.

You have some of the most friendly and caring people working there that I have ever seen, it is apleasure to come in to the office.

Anna R.

I saw Dr. Whitcraft this visit, my babies regular Dr. Is Dr. Daniels, we absolutly love her! Generaly all the staff at Craig road is very good. I have recommened my friends and family to this office Thank you so much for caring for my babies. :)

Nancy B.

The staff are always so nice and friendly, love taking of babies to Craig Rd Hospital, thank you

Carol K.

I have used Craig Road Animal Hospital since they opened! I use primary Dr. Mike and have also used variety of doctors when Dr. Mike wasn’t available. ALL doctors and staff are very professional and never had any issue with them. They are very up-to-date on todays medicine/tech/equipment etc. Even thou the visits and treatments are more expensive that other vet places, I believe it is becuase of the variety of needed meds/equipment needed for top notch care of our beloved furkids.

Sharon B.

I brought my cats in for their rabies shots and was stunned that the exam was complimentary and I only had to pay for the rabies vaccine. Everyone at Craig Road Animal Hospital (all that I’ve dealt with) are friendly and they seem to really enjoy what they’re doing. Thank you!

Kim K.

Love Dr Roach..he was worth waiting for

Sarah P.

Dr. Roach is the MOST amazing vet I have have ever had. I have had animals my entire life, and NEVER had such a caring, knowledgeable Dr. In my life! He is truly a miracle worker and have saved my friends dogs when they should have not made it! He truly has the most caring bedside manner with every animal. He is DEFINATELY the BIGGEST asset that clinic has! Besides Pam and Felicia the assts. They are truly amazing as well! Thank you Dr. Roach for again being the truly wonderful vet that you are!!!!!!!! WE will always stick with you! Thank you again for the care we are given by your staff as well!!!!!!!! Sarah Petcavage

Caroline M.


Cristina O.

The young lady who check us out Kristen had excellent customer service. Our Dr was excellent. The Tec seemed to rush through her job and not show compassion for our pet.

Matt L.

Everybody was great. I was in the exam room waiting for over 20 min. for the doctor to come in. I’m sure there was something going on but it would have been good if sombody poked their head in and explained what was going on. Felt like maybe I was forgotten about. Again, everybody was excelent & apologetic about the wait.

Karen R.

Everyone was friendly, helpful and professional.

Bridgette R.

I have never had to deal with one of my animals getting sick. When I seen Nala’s eye so swollen, I panicked. I rushed Nala to Craig Road Animal Hospital. The employees were outstanding. Got me in right away and showed they really cared about what Nala was going through. Today is the 2nd day since we been to the vet and Nala’s eye has improved 100%. I certainly would recommend someone to this Animal Hospital. Very friendly and caring people who work here. TWO THUMBS UP!

Joyce M.


Karen B.

You guys are great!

Rebecca G.

I love this hospital and refer everyone I know here

Shannan A.

Becky does the grooming for Lilah and Trent and has since the very beginning. She always does a wonderful job and also let’s me know when they are ready for pick up. My dogs are always very happy when I pick them up from seeing Becky. Thank you.

Richard H.

Dr. Roach and his tech were both super nice and explained everything beforehand. I really like the fact that they give you a written estimate before they do tests. I also love the personal follow up calls. They made me feel like they genuinely cared about my pet.

Melanie R.

Everyone at Craig Road Animal Hospital has been so helpful and great! Dr. Tampira is awesome :0)

David A.

Dr. Daniels is by far and wide the best!

Beverley M.

We boarded April and as usual, everyone made her feel loved.

Sarah S.

I love bringing rocksy Lynn there. Everyone is very nice. I do wish we didn’t have to get checked in by the doc every time she comes in for boarding but understand and respect wanting to make sure she is good before I leave her.thanks for always being there.

Sabrina G.

Great staff. Great service. Most definitely recommended! Love this hospital. And staff was excellent and very professional! Thank you so much for your service on my dog Zuko. Wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Sue E.

I love the hours that you are open, Makes it much easier for a working person than many other vet clinics

Carrie D.

The staff are extremely friendly and caring towards not just my animals, but any I see brought in. I have friends that also take their pets here for vet care and have always been impressed with the service. The only thing that was lacking when I visited was that Osiris’ s file had not been updated from the time before that I brought him in. It was very important information since Osiris is a diabetic feline. It was not a big deal and I brought the vet on staff up to speed.

Nancy S.

We really like Dr Roach :-)

Mickie O.

You all are the best!

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Jul 10, 2013 0 5740 Views

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How Well Are We Doing? May 2013

For almost a year now, Craig Road Animal Hospital has been sending out surveys. Hospital Administrator Mike Falconer talks about why, and introduces some results for May 2013.

Mike Falconer, Hospital Administrator

By Mike Falconer

When you visit Craig Road Animal Hospital we will often ask for an email address. This is mostly to give us another avenue of communication and to simplify the sending of estimates etc. However, there is another reason. in August of last year we started to survey pet owners for whom we had an email address. When you come to visit Craig Road Animal Hospital, if you have not been in the previous 90 days and we have an email address for you, you’ll receive an email with a link to a simple survey.

I review survey results each morning, and each month we go over the aggregated results in our general staff meeting. In addition, to the actual survey questions, there is also the ability to add comments. Each month we print out a complete list of these comments (good and bad) and they are read pretty religiously by doctors and staff alike.

We use these survey results to see which areas we need to focus on, and to give perspective. We post comments on the testimonials section of our website most months, however, we also wanted to include our clients and potential new clients in this process. With that in mind we felt that sharing some of this aggregated feedback each month on our blog would be useful.

We have kept the format pretty simple but are open to presenting more detailed information if there is the interest. Please feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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Jun 14, 2013 0 8690 Views

No image

Craig Road Open House 2013

On the 28th of April 2013, Craig Road Animal Hospital threw open its doors to the public, showcased a number of different vendors and rescues we work with, and held a Roos N More petting zoo – all while also being open and seeing patients.

It is the day of our open house!

Vegas Shepherd Rescue, Trupanion Pet Insurance, and Lone Mountain Animal Hospital had booths at our open house…

… as did Las Vegas Labrador Rescue, Colossal Canine Care, and Sit Means Sit.

Vegas Shepherd Rescue

Our sister hospital, Lone Mountain Animal Hospital.

Colossal Canine Care.

Tours of the hospital started from our back door…

… boarding…

… and our wall displays.

Of course, there was also Roos N More’s petting zoo.

Pam, one of our exam room assistants, now wants an armadillo.

Hila, one of our Licensed Veterinary Technician’s making friends with a bearded dragon.

Terris, one of our veterinary assistants, and snake!

At the end of the tour and petting zoo, “The Chuck Wagon,” provided some excellent food in front of the hospital.

Dr. White and Dr. Mych enjoying the day.

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May 1, 2013 0 2700 Views

No image

Channel 8′s News Now Segment on Craig Road Animal Hospital

Apr 27, 2013 0 3615 Views

No image

Six Days Until the Open House!

Mike Falconer, Hospital Administrator

Well, it is too late to turn back now!

A nice thing about the open house project has been that we have been able to do a number of things that have been on the jobs list for quite some time. The really great thing about the open house project is that we have a definitive deadline for all involved – things have to be finished by the 28th, preferably well before!

Monday saw our the painting of our boarding suites completed. They are certainly colorful and it made a big difference in that area of the hospital.

Dr. Debbie White being interviewed by Channel Eight’s Denise Valdez.

On Tuesday, the stripping and polishing of our tile floor, which is all the floor for the tours of the hospital was started. Initially scheduled to take two overnights, a problem with a previous wax complicated matters considerably – extending the process to four overnights.

Dr. Tampira and Jessica, on of our veterinary assistants, performing an ear exam under the camera’s watchful gaze.

Wednesday saw the rough draft of the small video project for the open house completed. It also saw the completion of the first draft of our tour script completed.  A second draft was completed on Friday ready for handing off to the staff who will be giving the tours.

Ray, one of our Licensed Veterinary Technicians, being filmed while performing a dental procedure.

Thursday gave us conformation that Denise Valdez from Channel 8 and a cameraman would be coming do do a piece on the hospital and our open house. Lots of excitement ensued and making sure that as much as possible of our open house preparations would be in place. Thankfully, Thursday also saw the installation of our final two infographics – they look fantastic. Our dental infographic in particular looks better printed than it did on the screen – which is rarely the case.

Dr. Mych being filmed while performing a laparoscopic spay.

Friday saw our channel eight visit. Denise and her cameraman were great. Dr. White (also known as radio’s Dr. Debbie) from our sister hospital Lone Mountain Animal Hospital,  did a great interview to camera and I think we got lots of great footage of surgery, exams, and clients. We should see the piece on air on Friday lunch time and later afternoon – just in time for the open house!

Roll on Sunday!

Dr. White (Radio’s Dr. Debbie), and Channel Eight’s Denise Valdez.


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Apr 22, 2013 2 4012 Views

No image

13 Days Until the Open House


Mike Falconer, Hospital Administrator

It has been an interesting week…

A test redecorating of one of our boarding suites went well. Everyone seems to agree the new color scheme is a big improvement. The rest of the suites are due to be painted this week.

One of our new infographics for our walls, however, hit a snag. A technical issue with the image quality meant a last minute scramble to find higher resolution images. We also had a similar issue with the pet images and captions that were featured on our Facebook page. We think all of this is now resolved and we are looking forward the infographics being installed and getting the proofs for the captioned images.

A press release about the open house got one of the local TV stations interested, and we had a last minute scramble when we thought they may be visiting the next day. Plans have changed, however, and we are hoping to have them coming through later this week. Lots of excitement about having them come through but also a lot of nerves.

The most visible new thing for the open house last week was the new banner going up on the front of the building. We think it looks great!

Our open house banner just arrived from the printers.


We also had another vendor confirm: Colossal Canine Care, who rescue large breed dogs and we work quite extensively, with have confirmed that will have a booth. Colossal Canine Care join our other vendors for the open house; Vegas Shepherd Rescue, Las Vegas Labrador Rescue, Trupanion Pet Insurance, Sit Means Sit dog training, and our sister hospital: Lone Mountain Animal Hospital.

Our open house banner in place on the front of the Craig Road Side of the building.


We also managed to confirm our fencing vendor after a few missteps. However that job new seems to be off the list and taken care of.


The main job new job for this week is the tour script and polishing off the surgery video we want to have running on a loop during the open house.


See you next week…

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Apr 15, 2013 0 3232 Views

No image

20 Days Until the Open House!

Mike Falconer, Hospital Administrator

Things for the open house are progressing nicely.

For those of you who keep an eye on the Craig Road Animal Hospital Facebook page, we have chosen the winning captions for the six images that will help decorate our walls – it was a tough job as we got a lot of great submissions (thank you eveyone!) but we are very pleased with what we have. we are currently just waiting on the proofs from our graphics people.

One of our wall images that our Facebook fans kindly submitted captions for.

Our two remaining infographics were finished and ordered last week which is a great weight off our minds – as was the signage for the front of the building (see below). Our event permit from the city of Las Vegas came through for the event itself which was also a big relief. we did not think there would be any problems but until you actually receive something like that you are always a little nervous. Finally, we made a good start on a video project that we want to have ready for the open house. Many thanks to Dr. Tampira who helped a great deal with making that all happen.

The final completed banner for the front of the building. Note the logos for our vendors at the bottom.

This week’s big jobs are to continue with the video project, the repainting of our boarding suites, and to start on the script for our tour guides.

Probably our biggest headache this week is the various building projects that we either have to get going on or just accept that they will not be ready for the open house – which would probably be fine, but we would like to be able to have the fun new things to show off.

There is also a bit of a waiting game going on at the moment as we wait for our signage materials to arrive and for our newspaper ad to appear.

The staff is beginning to get excited about the event itself, and we are being to sort out who is going to do what during the event.

See you soon!

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Apr 8, 2013 0 3327 Views

No image

27 days until the Open House!

Mike Falconer

In the first of a series of posts, Craig Road Animal Hospital’s Hospital Administrator, Mike Falconer, talks about the preparations  for our upcoming open house!

Craig Road Animal Hospital is having an open house for our existing veterinary clients, and potential new ones, in Las Vegas and North Las Vegas on Sunday the 28th of April, 2013. We will be having vendors, a hospital tour, a petting zoo, a free new pet booklet and lots more from 10:00am till 2:00pm.

Oh, and we will be open and seeing patients before, during, and after, as normal!

We felt it might be a nice idea to give you a little behind the scenes look at our behind the scenes look at Craig Road Animal Hospital.  Currently we a finishing off the details of the open house posters and other advertising materials with our marketing and graphics consultants. You can see where are at with this below.

Still some modifications to make but our materials for the open house will look something like this!

For those of you who have had a tour of Craig Road Animal Hospital in the past; perhaps when you were looking at whether to choose us as your vet or to see our boarding facilities. You may have noticed the infographics and pictures we have around the building. We are adding two new infographics in time for the open house, one showing off how we provide dental care and other on internal parasites (or worms if you prefer!) These are also in the final stages of design and proofing, however these have been a huge challenge to get right so we are still concerned about making sure we have them installed in time.

The confirmed vendors for the open house, most of whom will be set up in our parking lot, is currently:  Vegas Shepherd Rescue, Las Vegas Labrador Rescue, Trupanion Pet Insurance, Sit Means Sit, Lone Mountain Animal Hospital (our sister hospital), and Roos N Moore – our petting zoo vendor.

Still lots to do but we hope to see you there!

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Apr 1, 2013 2 4128 Views

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