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Channel 8′s News Now Segment on Craig Road Animal Hospital

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Six Days Until the Open House!

Mike Falconer, Hospital Administrator

Well, it is too late to turn back now!

A nice thing about the open house project has been that we have been able to do a number of things that have been on the jobs list for quite some time. The really great thing about the open house project is that we have a definitive deadline for all involved – things have to be finished by the 28th, preferably well before!

Monday saw our the painting of our boarding suites completed. They are certainly colorful and it made a big difference in that area of the hospital.

Dr. Debbie White being interviewed by Channel Eight’s Denise Valdez.

On Tuesday, the stripping and polishing of our tile floor, which is all the floor for the tours of the hospital was started. Initially scheduled to take two overnights, a problem with a previous wax complicated matters considerably – extending the process to four overnights.

Dr. Tampira and Jessica, on of our veterinary assistants, performing an ear exam under the camera’s watchful gaze.

Wednesday saw the rough draft of the small video project for the open house completed. It also saw the completion of the first draft of our tour script completed.  A second draft was completed on Friday ready for handing off to the staff who will be giving the tours.

Ray, one of our Licensed Veterinary Technicians, being filmed while performing a dental procedure.

Thursday gave us conformation that Denise Valdez from Channel 8 and a cameraman would be coming do do a piece on the hospital and our open house. Lots of excitement ensued and making sure that as much as possible of our open house preparations would be in place. Thankfully, Thursday also saw the installation of our final two infographics – they look fantastic. Our dental infographic in particular looks better printed than it did on the screen – which is rarely the case.

Dr. Mych being filmed while performing a laparoscopic spay.

Friday saw our channel eight visit. Denise and her cameraman were great. Dr. White (also known as radio’s Dr. Debbie) from our sister hospital Lone Mountain Animal Hospital,  did a great interview to camera and I think we got lots of great footage of surgery, exams, and clients. We should see the piece on air on Friday lunch time and later afternoon – just in time for the open house!

Roll on Sunday!

Dr. White (Radio’s Dr. Debbie), and Channel Eight’s Denise Valdez.


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13 Days Until the Open House


Mike Falconer, Hospital Administrator

It has been an interesting week…

A test redecorating of one of our boarding suites went well. Everyone seems to agree the new color scheme is a big improvement. The rest of the suites are due to be painted this week.

One of our new infographics for our walls, however, hit a snag. A technical issue with the image quality meant a last minute scramble to find higher resolution images. We also had a similar issue with the pet images and captions that were featured on our Facebook page. We think all of this is now resolved and we are looking forward the infographics being installed and getting the proofs for the captioned images.

A press release about the open house got one of the local TV stations interested, and we had a last minute scramble when we thought they may be visiting the next day. Plans have changed, however, and we are hoping to have them coming through later this week. Lots of excitement about having them come through but also a lot of nerves.

The most visible new thing for the open house last week was the new banner going up on the front of the building. We think it looks great!

Our open house banner just arrived from the printers.


We also had another vendor confirm: Colossal Canine Care, who rescue large breed dogs and we work quite extensively, with have confirmed that will have a booth. Colossal Canine Care join our other vendors for the open house; Vegas Shepherd Rescue, Las Vegas Labrador Rescue, Trupanion Pet Insurance, Sit Means Sit dog training, and our sister hospital: Lone Mountain Animal Hospital.

Our open house banner in place on the front of the Craig Road Side of the building.


We also managed to confirm our fencing vendor after a few missteps. However that job new seems to be off the list and taken care of.


The main job new job for this week is the tour script and polishing off the surgery video we want to have running on a loop during the open house.


See you next week…

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20 Days Until the Open House!

Mike Falconer, Hospital Administrator

Things for the open house are progressing nicely.

For those of you who keep an eye on the Craig Road Animal Hospital Facebook page, we have chosen the winning captions for the six images that will help decorate our walls – it was a tough job as we got a lot of great submissions (thank you eveyone!) but we are very pleased with what we have. we are currently just waiting on the proofs from our graphics people.

One of our wall images that our Facebook fans kindly submitted captions for.

Our two remaining infographics were finished and ordered last week which is a great weight off our minds – as was the signage for the front of the building (see below). Our event permit from the city of Las Vegas came through for the event itself which was also a big relief. we did not think there would be any problems but until you actually receive something like that you are always a little nervous. Finally, we made a good start on a video project that we want to have ready for the open house. Many thanks to Dr. Tampira who helped a great deal with making that all happen.

The final completed banner for the front of the building. Note the logos for our vendors at the bottom.

This week’s big jobs are to continue with the video project, the repainting of our boarding suites, and to start on the script for our tour guides.

Probably our biggest headache this week is the various building projects that we either have to get going on or just accept that they will not be ready for the open house – which would probably be fine, but we would like to be able to have the fun new things to show off.

There is also a bit of a waiting game going on at the moment as we wait for our signage materials to arrive and for our newspaper ad to appear.

The staff is beginning to get excited about the event itself, and we are being to sort out who is going to do what during the event.

See you soon!

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27 days until the Open House!

Mike Falconer

In the first of a series of posts, Craig Road Animal Hospital’s Hospital Administrator, Mike Falconer, talks about the preparations  for our upcoming open house!

Craig Road Animal Hospital is having an open house for our existing veterinary clients, and potential new ones, in Las Vegas and North Las Vegas on Sunday the 28th of April, 2013. We will be having vendors, a hospital tour, a petting zoo, a free new pet booklet and lots more from 10:00am till 2:00pm.

Oh, and we will be open and seeing patients before, during, and after, as normal!

We felt it might be a nice idea to give you a little behind the scenes look at our behind the scenes look at Craig Road Animal Hospital.  Currently we a finishing off the details of the open house posters and other advertising materials with our marketing and graphics consultants. You can see where are at with this below.

Still some modifications to make but our materials for the open house will look something like this!

For those of you who have had a tour of Craig Road Animal Hospital in the past; perhaps when you were looking at whether to choose us as your vet or to see our boarding facilities. You may have noticed the infographics and pictures we have around the building. We are adding two new infographics in time for the open house, one showing off how we provide dental care and other on internal parasites (or worms if you prefer!) These are also in the final stages of design and proofing, however these have been a huge challenge to get right so we are still concerned about making sure we have them installed in time.

The confirmed vendors for the open house, most of whom will be set up in our parking lot, is currently:  Vegas Shepherd Rescue, Las Vegas Labrador Rescue, Trupanion Pet Insurance, Sit Means Sit, Lone Mountain Animal Hospital (our sister hospital), and Roos N Moore – our petting zoo vendor.

Still lots to do but we hope to see you there!

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