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Pet Insurance Comparison

A nice short video from the Veterinary News Network comparing pet insurance companies and polices.

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Non Anesthetic Dental Cleanings – Too Good to be True?

There is a current resurgence in interest in the subject of Non- Anesthesia Dental Scaling: that is a dental cleaning performed while the pet is awake and usually by a non-veterinarian. Dr. Mychajlonka, a vet at Las Vegas’s own Craig Road Animal Hospital, discusses the dangers of these procedures.

Dr. Mychajlonka

By Kurt Mychajlonka, DVM

No anesthetic procedure is 100% safe. However, the reality is that even older pets can undergo an anesthetic procedure safely with the vast majority experiencing no complications what-so-ever. Indeed, the very slight risk of an anesthetic reaction is significantly outweighed by the very real risk of chronic disease from improper scaling and polishing.

The scaling done by without anesthesia is cosmetic at best and often performed by non-licensed personnel. The American Animal Hospital Association, of which Craig Road Animal Hospital is an accredited member, states that: “dental cleanings that are done without anesthetic will make your pet’s teeth prettier, but not healthier.” Only the visible 40% of the tooth is cleaned, while your pet is held down. Under the gum line (the other 60%) and the insides of the teeth, are left uncleaned.

Here at Craig Road, we want your pet dog and cat to lead a healthy long life, have fresh breath and be protected from disease. Non-Anesthesia Dental Scaling, sometimes called NADS, does none of these things and we strongly recommend against it.

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